Business Presentations

Adventure venture

Glowacz was able to experience first hand how close the parallels between his sport and entrepreneurship are when he founded his own company RED CHILI. Even though he was new to the world of commerce he was at home in the role of passionate strategist with courage to be flexible: “ You define goals and try to reach them in every expedition.”

The management seminars and inspirational talks evolve around economic and expedition-related questions: How important is good preparation? How different is reality from the phase of planning and how spontaneous must I react?


Public Presentations


Stefan Glowacz knows that as an adventurer he enjoys many privileges. That is why he wants to let others share in his luck. His presentations are travels into seldom visited regions, which astound, as well as amuse the audience. He leaves speeches full of complicated terminology to the others. His main goal is to convey his passion for the Walls of the World to all walks of life. In his current presentation “Am Ende der Welt”, he takes the audience along into the ice desert of Baffin Island in the north- eastern part of Canada.

Glowacz also wrote and edited books such as “On The Rocks”, “Rocks Around The World” and participated in the films “The Race” and “Titlis – Chronik einer Erstbegehung”. And even if a German philosopher once said “Big things have one big enemy – big talks”, there even is a bigger enemy: silence.